Hanging with Los Henry (again)

Daughter of wealthy San Antonio family sashays her way onto Dolce & Gabbana catwalk

Daughter of wealthy San Antonio family sashays her way onto a catwalk

Maya Henry Dolce & Gabbana
Maya Henry (center). Photo courtesy of Maya Henry

Welcome back to another edition of the Los Henrys beat. When we last left, the San Antonio family had just thrown Papa Henry a $4.5 million bash for his 56th birthday, which is a weird birthday to spend millions of dollars celebrating, but who are we to judge? DJ Khaled was there and so was Cardi B (post Saturday Night Live baby bump reveal). There were fireworks, and a young pop star named Austin Mahone, and a chartered yacht that sailed off into the night. (All of this is true.)

But another week, another Henry event. This time, it's not a multimillion-dollar birthday party the family is touting but instead news of Maya Henry, the daughter-turned-model-turned-actress vying for her spot among the Kardashian/Jenner/Hadid elite. 

On April 19, Maya the model made her debut on the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Alta Sartoria catwalk. (Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria are the perennial fashion house's men's and women's haute couture lines, respectively.) The show made its debut in early April with an extravagant four-day affair in New York City and will now hop around the globe repeating in places like Mexico City's Soumaya Museum. While Maya didn't walk in the New York show (the opening slot was reserved for supermodel Karlie Kloss), the Henry daughter did sit in the front row, so there. 

Back in Mexico City, Maya left the cheap seats behind to sashay away in a couture D&G gown accented with flowers in her hair, reminiscent of Frida Kahlo or Coachella circa 2016. Maya walked and didn't trip and nothing happened, and then someone wrote a press release about it and here we are. 

As for the rest of the Henrys, dad, Tom; mom, Azteca; and bro, Thomas sat front row to watch Maya's runway debut. No word yet if the fashion show will appear on their Bravo — oops, we mean YouTube — series, Hanging with Los Henrys