Photo courtesy of Lake Austin Spa Resort

When the Lake Austin Spa Resort went shopping for a 25th-anniversary gift for guests, it aimed higher than traditional silver and picked treatments that incorporated gold, diamonds, and caviar. As a result, the dreamy destination spa now offers some of the most opulent, exclusive, and — at upwards of $1,000 — most expensive facials in the world.

In anticipation of its milestone anniversary in 2022, the Lake Austin Spa Resort’s LakeHouse Spa partnered with Swiss luxury skincare brand Valmont to introduce the new facials, which are as cutting-edge as they are indulgent.

Creme de la creme among them is The Regal by Valmont, which costs a jaw-dropping $1,050. The Regal was designed in Switzerland exclusively for LakeHouse Spa, and Austin is the only place in the world to get it.

“It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a lot of people,” says Becky Bence, Lake Austin Spa Resort lead esthetician. “And it’s definitely worth it.”

The 135-minute facial begins with the high-tech deep cleanse of the HydroFacial and proceeds with seven masks, including four collagen masks, a papaya enzyme, and a medical-grade LED light mask. Every single product from Valmont’s ultra luxe “masterpiece collection” called l’Elixir des Glaciers is used; some products are made with an uber anti-aging essence of gold sturgeon fish. All are applied using a Valmont signature “butterfly” motion that helps to lift and sculpt the face.

What puts the Regal over the top, though, are 35 minutes of choreographed massage, including a 500-year-old technique called “kobido,'' developed for the empress of Japan. Touted as a “surgical facelift as a massage," Bence says, kobido was once reserved only for nobility and the empress, then later handed down from masters to disciples.

So rarified is the Regal facial, that just six of the 21 LakeHouse Spa estheticians are trained to perform it. They learned at a weeklong “bootcamp” conducted by two Valmont experts who flew in to Austin from Switzerland.

“It was kind of like the Navy Seal program of facials,” Bence says. “It was kind of like being handed down something from a true master.”

The $1K price tag hasn’t kept people away. Since the Regal was introduced several months ago, guests have come from all over the world — and from all corners of Texas — to experience what the spa calls “the ultimate in anti-aging perfection and cellular renewal.” (After all $1,000 is still far less than an actual facelift or even regular nick-tuck-plump-ups by a cosmetic surgeon.)

Why reach all the way to Switzerland for the palatial new treatments? After emerging from COVID shutdowns, Bence says, LakeHouse Spa personnel “auditioned” just about every single skincare line out there. The estheticians voted, and Valmont won.

“We wanted to add something really special, something luxurious but yet something out-of-this-world amazing that truly benefited the skin,” Bence says. “Something almost to replace Botox and fillers …that gave you basically a natural face-lift without being invasive but still being relaxing.”

In addition to the Regal, other new Valmont facials introduced in this 25th anniversary year include:

  • The 150-minute Gold & Diamond Trifecta Facial that involves three massages, four masks, infra-red LED, and a hydrogel mask with micronized gold and diamonds, which costs $990.
  • The Golden Aura Rose & Caviar Facial, a 100-minute treatment that incorporates marine products containing caviar extract and Diamond Collagen, costing $790.
  • Energy of the Glaciers, a 90-minute facial that features rare ingredients from Switzerland and deep, structural massage of the face, stimulating muscles to tone and lift; $750.
  • Luminosity of Ice Facial, a 90-minute treatment described as a “toxin-flushing, facial reflexology-inspired facial” that uses a cocktail of seven plants organically cultivated at high altitudes; $650.

The spa also has a complete menu of non-Valmont facials and dozens of other signature treatments.

Luxe but laid back
Lake Austin Spa Resort’s Dallas-based co-owner, Mike McAdams, says the new facials are indicative of how high the spa wanted to aim for its 25th anniversary.

“Our guest demands a luxurious, more refined experience, and Valmont helps us deliver on that objective,” he says.

And yet, Lake Austin Spa Resort remains a place where robed guests can emerge from a $1,000 facial and step over geckos skittering along the sidewalk while a speedboat whizzes by pumping Beyonce through the speakers. It’s upscale but unpretentious, luxurious but laid-back — almost like “spa camp.”

“We never wanted to create the ‘zen’ spa with stark lines and absence of color – we aimed to create just the opposite,” McAdams says. “Your surroundings absolutely have an impact on how your wellness journey can unfold and influence your daily life. The colors and textures that surround you mimic the vibe of the Texas Hill Country and pay homage to nature.”

The top-rated spa and resort is a far cry now from the place McAdams purchased on January 1, 1997. Located along the shores of scenic Lake Austin in the Texas Hill Country, the property had lived previous lives as a fishing camp, nudist enclave, rodeo ranch, and diet camp.

McAdams — at the time a commercial real estate developer for Dallas-based Trammell Crow — experienced a personal work-life-balance crisis that's wholly relatable in today's post-pandemic, "great-resignation" world two-and-a-half decades later.

“I was living on a plane, traveling a lot. It was high stress, and high energy and I loved it,” he says. “In 1984, I found a place that changed my life — the Ashram in Calabasas, California. It was a true bootcamp, with physical activities and dietary restrictions that were very intense… This experience forced me to come down from my hectic lifestyle of traveling, eating, drinking, and not exercising."

After adopting healthier habits in his own life, he and an LSU fraternity brother, Billy Rucks, seized an opportunity to buy and transform the Lake Austin Spa Resort; they still co-own it today. “It was a diamond in the rough," McAdams says.

More 25th anniversary offerings
One of the biggest challenges running the spa the last 25 years (besides navigating a global pandemic), McAdams says, has been continually evolving in an industry dominated by fleeting fads and headline-grabbing gimmicks.

“The changes in the last 25 years in the spa industry have been monumental,” McAdams says. “The global wellness industry is now a $4.5 trillion economy, with ‘spa’ being one small part of the bubble. We are all seekers looking for ways to look and feel our best, and I think the growth is due to a demand in wanting to take our health into our own hands.”

One of the resort’s newest touts (proudly stated on their home page) is that they’re Texas’ only destination spa on a lake. Recently they’ve introduced a full range of water activities, including a water taxi that transports guests to the spa and back.

“When we bought Lake Austin Spa Resort in 1997, our guests would put a toe in the water — but we’ve also evolved and now understand the power of being near a moving body of water and how it affects your health, happiness, and even alleviates depression,” McAdams says.

Along with the new fancy facials and lake programming, the resort has also added new classes and activities and upgraded amenities for its 25th anniversary. Befitting its location in the “live music capital of the world,” Austin-area musicians now entertain guests nightly around s’mores pits. There’s new artwork around the campus, too.

“My favorite part of celebrating our 25th anniversary this year has been to watch a very special piece of commissioned art be installed in the first few months of the year,” McAdams says. “A local Austin artist created a 64-foot long, 400-square foot abstract mural of stone, glass, and tile designed to honor our magnificent natural location on Lake Austin.

"Within the creation, I wanted to honor all of the amazing past and present people who helped get to where we are today. Their names are included in this mural, discreetly placed within this homage to nature. Because of these special people, Lake Austin Spa Resort has enjoyed many wonderful accolades through the years.”


To mark its 25th anniversary, Lake Austin Spa Resort is offering 25 percent off stays of at least two nights or more, through January 31, 2023. Reservations must be booked by October 31. Some packages include generous spa credits, but sadly, the $1,050 Regal facial is not 25 percent off. Find more information at www.lakeaustin.com.

Photo courtesy of Lake Austin Spa Resort

A red light mask is part of the $1,050 Regal by Valmont facial.

Photo courtesy of Rowan

Innovative piercing studio needles into San Antonio with new La Cantera store

Piercing news

A modern ear piercing company focused on the health and safety of clients has come to Texas via San Antonio: Rowan is opening at La Cantera.

Located at 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, Unit 1625, the studio approaches piercing more like a minor medical procedure than a rite of passage performed at a shopping mall kiosk. Piercings at Rowan are performed only by licensed nurses who pierce with both hollow needles and single use piercing devices, they say.

Additionally, all earring designs are hypoallergenic, using only ethically sourced materials suited for freshly pierced ears, they say. That means pre-sterilized 14k gold or stainless steel and titanium. They do not use brass, nickel, or zinc in any of the earrings, nor do they use metals that can cause irritation, rashes, allergic reactions.

“Ear piercing is essentially a medical procedure, and we pride ourselves in hiring our nurses, who are the experts, when it comes to skin integrity, infection prevention and keeping patients calm in unfamiliar situations," says Rowan founder and CEO Louisa Serene Schneider in a release. "We can’t wait to celebrate our Texas customers.”

According to the website, Schneider founded Rowan in 2018 because she "observed first-hand that products and services that were labeled 'girly' weren’t paid much attention and especially, in the ear piercing industry the choices were limited to either an impersonal experience at the mall and tattoo parlors or an intimidating one at a doctor’s office."

The New York-based company now has locations in New York City, Connecticut, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, New Orleans, South Carolina, and Fort Worth; they promise more coming soon. They also have a partnership with Target, with several in-store locations across Texas, including San Antonio.

Note that Rowan pierces only ears, but they'll do multiple piercings at one appointment. Prices are as follows: $35 for one piercing (device and needle piercing); $50 for two piercings (device piercing only) plus cost of piercing studs ($40-$60 per pair); $25 for a post downsize (needle piercing only).

For more information and appointment bookings, visit the website.

Rowan is a medically supervised piercing studio.

Photo courtesy of Rowan
Rowan is a medically supervised piercing studio.
Photo courtesy of Milan Laser Hair Removal

San Antonio experts list 5 things to know before you get laser hair removal

Smooth Like Buttah

Does never shaving again sound too good to be true? It's not! There are so many pros to getting laser hair removal, but even if you're certain you want to ditch unwanted hair forever and give laser hair removal a try, it's important to study up to know if this method is right for you.

San Antonio laser hair removal experts, Milan Laser Hair Removal, share the top five laser hair removal questions on everyone's mind before they decide to live that stubble-free life.

1. Does laser hair removal hurt?
Lasers on your skin? Sounds scary, so we get the concern. But it doesn't come close to the pain of waxing. Many say it stings like a rubber band snap, but only for a millisecond — the time it takes for the laser to zap your hair.

Many lasers, such as the Candela GentleMaxPro used at Milan Laser, even have built-in features to minimize any potential discomfort. And to make sure you have the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments possible, go to a provider that has highly trained medical professionals operating the lasers, as Milan Laser does.

2. How much does laser hair removal cost?
Laser hair removal is surprisingly cost-effective. Here are the facts: The average person spends $3,800 in a lifetime on shaving essentials such as razors, creams, and exfoliators. But has anyone ever shaved and then never had to again? Nope! The regrowth sometimes happens in just a day or two. With waxing, the average person spends $24,000 in a lifetime on salon appointments — again, just for temporary results.

Since the results of each laser hair removal treatment are permanent, you can view the cost as an investment rather than an expense. The average Milan Laser client is 95 percent hair-free in their treated areas within seven to 10 treatments. So in the long run, you're saving time and money.

Milan Laser also offers affordable payment plans, with payments that can be as low as $29 a month.

3. How permanent is laser hair removal?
Light from the laser targets and destroys the hair follicle, so it can never grow again. When laser hair removal is performed properly, the results of each treatment will be permanent — many see a noticeable difference after their very first treatment. However, not all hair follicles grow at the same pace, so multiple treatments are needed to ensure that each one is zapped, and peach fuzz and white hair cannot be removed with laser hair removal.

That being said, new hair follicles can become active for a variety of reasons including age, hormones, and genetics, causing new hair to grow. So if possible, try to choose a provider who offers unlimited treatments at an affordable price for those occasions. Milan Laser will guarantee your results for life, so there's no worry about touch-up fees down the road.

4. Is laser hair removal safe for all skin tones?
Laser hair removal is safe and effective for all skin tones, as long as the correct technology is used. For instance, Milan Laser uses the Candela GentleMax Pro, which contains two separate laser technologies: Nd: Yag and Alexandrite. The Alexandrite is used for lighter skin tones, while the Nd: Yag is best for brown to black skin tones.

But it's more than just having the right technology. For the safest treatments possible, you'll want to select a provider who has experience treating all skin tones and knows how to tailor your treatments to your specific skin tone and hair type. That way they know exactly which laser to use and use the appropriate settings for each treatment.

Milan Laser providers have extensive experience with both Alexandrite and Nd: Yag laser technology and develop a custom treatment plan for each client, allowing them to safely and effectively treat all skin tones and make hair-free skin a reality for everyone.

5. How do I choose a laser hair removal provider?
Research, research, research! Who offers pricing plans to fit your budget? Who uses the right laser for your skin tone? What happens if you need touch-up treatments down the road? Who has great reviews? Laser hair removal is never a one-size-fits-all process, so the more in the know you are, the better experience you'll have.

Ready to kick your razor to the curb and never shave again? Give Milan Laser a call at 833-NO-RAZOR or go in for a free consultation. Visit with a local laser hair removal expert at any of Milan Laser's San Antonio locations conveniently located in San Antonio, West San Antonio, and a new location coming soon in New Braunfels.

Learn more about laser hair removal in San Antonio here.

Think of it as an investment.

Photo courtesy of Milan Laser Hair Removal
Think of it as an investment.
Courtesy of Iron Goat Spirits

Hill Country village market taps Fredericksburg distillery and more new tenants

We’re not kidding

A crafty local goat is bringing a “baa-cchanal” experience to the Hill Country that will have spirits lovers hoofing it to the area’s massive new village market once it opens.

Fredericksburg-based Iron Goat Distillery, launched in 2016 and already the winner of six industry awards for its craft rums and agave spirit, is one of the newest tenants to sign a lease at Grand Central at Milam, the new public market destination currently in development in Fredericksburg.

Iron Goat — which ferments, distills, bottles, and labels its spirits by hand in the Hill Country haven — is known for its Agave Spirit, Honey Spirit, and flavored rums, including Texas Heat Cinnamon, Amber, and Silver. Its tasting room and shop at Grand Central at Milam will represent Iron Goat’s first retail location.

Located at 206 N. Milam in Fredericksburg and under redevelopment by Austin’s St. Croix Capital Corp., Grand Central at Milam is scheduled to be completed this fall and will offer nearly 16,000 square feet of retail space for eight concepts, as well as four food kiosks that will highlight unique Hill Country cuisine.

Anchored on a 1.6-acre site, the market will also include outdoor amenities like picnic tables, yard games, a fire pit, a small stage for performances, and local art exhibits.

St. Croix Capital announced Wednesday, October 27 that also joining Iron Goat at Grand Central at Milam will be:

  • Paint Nail Bar, a beauty franchise owned by Fredericksburg residents that boasts a fume-free environment, nontoxic products, complimentary mimosas, and an in-house jewelry line.
  • Santa Fe Handwoven Designs, which features women’s handwoven clothing and gifts created by a longtime fiber artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Grand Central at Milam shop will be the brand’s second Fredericksburg location.

Other tenants that previously signed leases for Grand Central at Milam include healthy beverage biz NobiliTea, Fredericksburg sandwich and snacks shop Fresh Pickens Market, and Palinuro Italian Cuisine.

“We’re thrilled we’ve attracted such a diverse slate of tenants for Grand Central at Milam,” says Ken Satterlee, founder and chairman of St. Croix Capital Corp, via a release. “We continue to seek tenants that will have appeal to both local residents and visitors to the area, and we’re confident each of these concepts will achieve that in their own unique ways.”

Spirits lovers can soon get their goat at the new village market.

Courtesy of Iron Goat Spirits
Spirits lovers can soon get their goat at the new village market.
Courtesy of Texas Fashion Week

Texas’ official fashion week struts into San Antonio for inaugural event


San Antonio’s most stylish new event is optimistic about making a strong fashion statement, heralding a feather in the cap for Lone Star State designers.

Texas Fashion Week, the official fashion week for the entire state, promenades into San Antonio October 1-7 with a lineup of style-studded events. Tickets are currently on sale online for individual events.

Hardly cut from the same old cloth, Texas Fashion Week is the product of six years of research and a pilot launch in 2019 under the temporary name Fashion Week SATX. Texas Fashion Week is part of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative, the state’s official nonprofit dedicated to the Texas fashion industry.

What’s more, the event has solidified a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, making Texas Fashion Week the first in the history of the U.S. fashion industry to garner such support from the prestigious organization.

But let’s buckle down and talk specifics. As part of its launch year, Texas Fashion Week will feature more than 200 fashion industry pros from all over the state, highlighted through a collection of fashion shows, city activations, and networking events.

Also showcasing various genres of the Texas fashion trade in support of economic development and competitiveness within the global fashion industry, Texas Fashion Week’s anchoring events this fall will exhibit fashion designers, fashion artists, fashion retailers, beauty industry professionals, and more.

With the theme of “A Pop of Optimism,” Texas Fashion Week 2021 events include:

  • Kickoff Night, Friday, October 1, 6:30-9 pm, Rosenberg Skyroom at the University of the Incarnate Word, 847 E. Hildebrand Ave., $15. Meet the designers, models, “glam squad,” and more at the launch of the first-ever Texas Fashion Week.
  • Fashion is Art, Saturday, October 2, 7-10 pm, Brick at Blue Star Art Complex, 108 Blue Star, $50-$65. The official celebration of bridging fashion and art, this event includes a night of fashion shows highlighting avant garde designs.
  • Look Local Night, Sunday, October 3, 7-10 pm, Brick at Blue Star Art Complex, 108 Blue Star, $50-$65. This is San Antonio’s chicest incentive to shop local fashion, and will include pop-up activations, fashion shows, and more.
  • Street Beat, Tuesday, October 5, 7-10 pm, Brick at Blue Star Art Complex, 108 Blue Star, $50-$65. Street Beat is all about bringing awareness to San Antonio’s local streetwear community. A fashion show will feature the area’s top designers.
  • Celebrate San Antonio, Wednesday, October 6, 7-10 pm, Brick at Blue Star Art Complex, 108 Blue Star, $50-$65. The local fashion design community (and beyond) will showcase their local “wears.”
  • Texas Fashion Awards, Thursday, October 7, 6-10 pm, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. This is the red-carpet fashion event of the year. (Note: Check the website for ticket specifics, which will be released soon.)

All proceeds from Texas Fashion Week will go to the nonprofit Texas Fashion Industry Initiative.

Though this will be the inaugural Texas Fashion Week, organizers say it’s just the first stitch in a design that includes growing the local and statewide fashion industries to new heights.

“With focus on Texas Fashion Week in particular, we have a three- to five-year plan for this inaugural event that will begin as a platform for local fashion industry artists annually, will make high-fashion experiences more accessible to this market, and eventually grow into the Texas Fashion Industry Convention in later years, bringing in fashion industry professionals into San Antonio from all over the world,” says Burgundy Woods, president of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative and founder of Texas Fashion Week.

“This is just the beginning. It is an incredibly exciting time as we spearhead so much for the future of industry and headquarter it right here in San Antonio.”

Photo courtesy of Milan Laser Hair Removal

San Antonio experts debunk the 5 top myths about laser hair removal

Take It Off

Unwanted hair grows all over and we try (in vain) to get and keep the smooth skin we want, but that pesky hair always comes back. What if there was a way to get rid of it for good?

No, not waxing, shaving, or plucking — these methods are painful, outdated, and very temporary. Instead, there's a permanent, though often misunderstood, solution to unwanted hair: laser hair removal.

This method is growing in popularity, and with that recognition comes misinformation and myths. The experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal have heard it all, and they’re here to bust some of the most common myths about laser hair removal.

Myth No. 1: Laser hair removal doesn’t work on darker skin tones.

This outdated belief may have been true when laser hair removal was first approved by the FDA in the '90s, but the technology has evolved, making laser hair removal safe and effective for all skin tones when performed correctly.

For instance, a laser such as the Candela GentleMax Pro (used by Milan Laser) gives clients the safest laser hair removal treatments. That’s because it includes two technologies: the Nd: YAG laser for darker skin tones and the Alexandrite laser for lighter skin tones.

Myth No. 2: Laser hair removal results are temporary.

During treatments, a laser pulse is delivered directly to the hair follicle. The follicle is heated and destroyed, so it can never, ever grow again. When performed correctly, each laser hair removal treatment gives you permanent results.

But our bodies are unpredictable — new hair follicles can become active and new hair can grow due to hormones, age, genetics, and more. This is where touch-up treatments come in.

Take advantage of places that offer unlimited laser hair removal packages, like Milan Laser. You’ll never have to worry about touch-up fees or other surprise costs down the road because your results are guaranteed for life at one affordable price.

Be wary of med spas that offer laser hair removal services and sell packages of six to nine sessions — it might be cheaper initially, but you’ll likely have to pay for touch-ups and buy additional packages to get the results you want.

Myth No. 3: Laser hair removal hurts.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but laser hair removal is way less painful than waxing (especially in super sensitive areas). Many say it stings like a rubber band snap, but only for a millisecond — the time it takes for the laser to zap your hair.

Most lasers, such as the Candela GentleMax Pro used at Milan Laser, have built-in comfort features. Older, less sophisticated lasers rely on numbing creams, messy gels, and chilled air.

But the Candela has an innovative cooling cryogen mist that’s released immediately after each laser pulse to instantly relieve any potential discomfort and provide you with the most comfortable experience.

Myth No. 4: Laser hair removal is expensive.

Here’s the truth: A lifetime of waxing and shaving is more expensive than laser hair removal. Don’t believe it? The average person spends $3,800 over a lifetime on shaving essentials like razors, creams, and exfoliators. For waxing appointments at salons, you’re looking at $24,000 in a lifetime.

But what did that money do? Did anyone ever wax and shave and then never have to again?

On the flipside, laser hair removal is cost-effective — it’s an investment, not an expense. The average Milan Laser client is 95 percent hair-free in their treated areas within seven to 10 treatments. There's no constantly having to buy supplies, pay for salon appointments, or carve out the time to keep up with your outdated hair removal routine.

Plus, to make beauty and confidence affordable for all, some places offer payment plans. For instance, Milan Laser offers great specials plus no-interest, affordable laser hair removal payment plans that can be as low as $29 a month.

Myth No. 5: It’s easier to just shave.

The process of shaving is easy — it’s quick and can be done in the comfort of your own home. But add up all of those minutes spent twisting yourself into a pretzel to get those hard-to-reach hairs over a lifetime, and it’s about 39 hours a year. Think of what you could do if you got that precious time back!

On the other hand, laser hair removal results are permanent, treatments can be as quick as 10 minutes, and there’s no recovery time after. Many places even offer evening and weekend appointments to make it as convenient as possible for you. Case in point, Milan Laser is open weekends and evenings to fit the busiest schedules.

If you’re still unsure about ditching your razor for the laser, give the experts at Milan Laser a call at 833-NO-RAZOR or visit with a local laser hair removal expert during a free consultation. Milan's San Antonio location is conveniently off 410 and Blanco Road, in the shopping center with Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and World Market.

Head here to learn more about laser hair removal in San Antonio.

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CultureMap Emails are Awesome

San Antonio suburb among the richest places in Texas for 2023, plus more top stories

Hot Headlines

Editor’s note: It’s that time again — time to check in with our top stories. Here are five articles that captured our collective attention over the past seven days.

1. San Antonio suburb cashes in among the richest places in Texas for 2023. Alamo Heights has been renamed the third richest place in Texas for 2023 in a recent study.

2. San Antonio home sales slowed in December 2022, report finds. San Antonio sold 36,477 homes all year, a 10 percent decrease from 2021.

3. Here are the top 5 things to do in San Antonio this weekend. Nina Simone, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and more music-centered events made our roundup of the best things to do in Alamo City this weekend.

4. San Antonio Home & Garden Show returns with HGTV star. Ati Williams will headline the San Antonio Spring Home & Garden Show, which takes place February 24-26.

5. H-E-B opens first location in growing San Antonio suburb. The state-of-the-art facility offers 110,000 square feet of floor space, providing everything from cat food to charcuterie.

Popular Pearl brunch spot remixes with new weekend DJ nights


Though Full Goods Diner has barely been open for half a year, it has already become a San Antonio staple for working weekday lunches and lingering Sunday Fundays. Now the Pearl eatery is looking to be a hot spot after dark.

Via release, the popular local haunt just announced a new limited-time music series, Full Goods at Night. Starting on February 2, Full Goods Diner will open select evenings throughout the month.

The Full Goods at Night series will feature popular local San Antonio DJs, including El West Side Sound, Hector Gallego, DJ Plata, Steven Lee Moya, and Cami Gee. Guests can enjoy live sets while indulging in a specially curated food and drink offerings.

The menu will include some of Full Goods Diner's best—selling items, such as French toast sticks, barbacoa waffle fries, and jumbo cheesy tots. Libations like the Attaboy Negroni, Royal Bermuda Daiquiri, Pink G&T, and more will fuel the festivities.

In addition to enjoying moonlight brunch, guests can relish some prime people-watching. And, of course, the restaurant is just a hop from other nightlife destinations like Pink Hill, 3 Star Bar, and Summer Camp Bar, making it the perfect party starter.

The series runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from February 2-25, 6-10 pm. The complete DJ schedule is listed below.

February 2 — El West Side Sound·
February 3 — Hector Gallego
February 4— DJ Plata
February 9 — El West Side Sound
February 10 — Steven Lee Moya
February 11 — Cami Gee
February 16 — El West Side Sound
February 17 — Steven Lee Moya
February 18 — Hector Gallego
February 23 — El West Side Sound
February 24— Steven Lee Moya
February 25 — DJ Plata

4 San Antonio culinary pioneers win $21K from the Texas Food & Wine Alliance


Texas’ skyrocketing culinary scene is about to get a huge boost. The Texas Food & Wine Alliance’s grant program has awarded $107,500 to 19 culinary innovators around the state. This marks the Alliance’s 11th year providing funding to support culinary projects contributing to local communities.

The award winners were announced in a ceremony at Austin's Holdsworth Center on January 21. A private panel of distinguished culinary experts chose the winners out of 40 grant applications this year. Nine winners hail from Austin, three from Dallas-Fort Worth, three from Houston, and four from San Antonio. The awards range from $1,500 to $10,000, with a special $25,000 grant investment from Austin favorite Tito’s Handmade Vodka in honor of the company’s 25th anniversary. Grant funding will support chefs, farms, and culinary education groups, among others.

Out of the four San Antonio area winners, Talking Tree Farm received the most from the grant program, $6,250 to purchase shipping containers for storage and to buy a solar-powered cold room for their harvests. John Marshall High School’s culinary arts program will use their $5,000 grant to establish a morning café. Agricultural project Habitable Spaces and pasture-raised chicken farm Cielito Lindo Farm also won $5,000 each to purchase equipment or build infrastructure to further their endeavors in the culinary space.

Austin-area winners received the most funding from the grant program, totalling $53,750, while San Antonio winners received $21,250 in total. Dallas/Fort Worth winners were awarded $19,750, and the three Houston recipients won $12,750. All of the 2022 winners reflect just how diverse the state's trailblazing culinary scene continues to expand.

“All of this year’s funded projects will further enrich the state through innovation and giveback,” said Erika White, executive director of the Alliance. “We’re extremely grateful to each of the Texas communities, our sponsors and their support in allowing us to reward these mold-breaking projects.”

In Austin, organic farm Trosi Farms was awarded the most funding ($10,000), which will help construct a germination shed for more stable plant start production. Locavore pioneer Boggy Creek Farm won $7,500 in grants to provide ADA-compliant accessibility to their new climate-controlled Tomato House, while Texas’ first organic feed mill, Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill & Farm, received $6,250 to help purchase a building to be used as a store for the local community.

The six other Austin area grant recipients, each winning $5,000, include Vista Farms at Vista Brewing, Jamaican family business Tierra Todun ATX, coffee roasters Rising Tide Roast Collaborative, culinary educator Chef Pascal Simon from Bake Austin, East Austin food truck Community Vegan, and Latinx pastry project Comadre Panaderia (who also just earned a James Beard nomination). All winners will be able to use their grants to improve efficiency and expand their businesses, or in Chef Pascal's case, further research and development for her upcoming cookbook for Gen-Z young adults.

After starting the program in Austin, grant co-chair and TFWA past president Cathy Cochran-Lewis says it was the Alliance’s dream to expand the grant statewide.

“We’re so humbled and thrilled to now not only support worthwhile projects across Texas but also to give more than a half million dollars in funding over the last decade to help dreams come true,” she says. “This is a tribute to the culinary talent and the community mindset we are lucky to have in our state.”

The winners in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas include:

For this year's Honorable Mention, the Alliance chose San Antonio eatery Tacos Cucuy, who will soon open a brick-and-mortar space with an expanded menu. Tacos Cucuy are currently looking for support to develop a Tex-Mex charcuterie program called La Cura Carnes Especiales.

More information about the 2022 grants and its recipients can be found on texasfoodandwinealliance.org.