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San Antonio lands on report of America's best cities for job seekers

San Antonio lands on report of America's best cities for job seekers

San Antonio downtown skyline skyscrapers
San Antonio is still among the best for job seekers. City of San Antonio - Municipal Government/Facebook

Texas-based job search platform Indeed has released its report on the best cities for job seekers in 2018, and it revealed some interesting trends about the job market in Texas.

Noting that unemployment in the U.S. is at a 17-year low, making it easier for many Americans to find a job, Indeed asked four questions to determine the best cities for job seekers. These questions analyzed practical things like a city's job market but also intangible factors like quality of life. The company then scored the answers to calculate an "Indeed City Score."

The company's four key questions:

  • How favorable is the local labor market to the job seeker?
  • What’s the average salary, adjusted for cost of living?
  • How high do employers score for work-life balance in Indeed’s review database?
  • How high do employers score for job security and advancement opportunities in Indeed’s review database?

Indeed applied this framework to the 50 metro areas with the most open job listings on the platform. What the company found were some interesting trends, including a major shift in California cities rising to the top, while some Texas cities tumbled down or even fell off the list entirely. 

For 2018, San Antonio took the No. 17 spot, only one below its 2017 ranking. Compared to the rest of Texas, San Antonio's one-point drop is relatively small. Austin came in at No. 12, the highest Texas city on the list, but a significant drop from its No. 4 spot in 2017. And in a dramatic fall from its No. 9 rank in 2017, Houston ranked No. 25 this year, the lowest spot on the list.

Noticeably absent is Dallas-Fort Worth. Though the metroplex came in at No. 24 last year, it failed to show up at all in this year's report. 

Coming in as the top city for job seekers this year is San Jose, California. The tech hub (everything from eBay to Adobe is headquartered there) scored a perfect 100 on the Indeed City Score. Rounding out the top five are: San Francisco (No. 2), Boston (No. 3), San Diego (No. 4), and Los Angeles (No. 5).