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San Antonio engineers new North American headquarters for global manufacturer

San Antonio engineers new North American HQ for global manufacturer

San Antonio cityscape
Matthews International Corporation is investing in the San Antonio region. Sean Pavone/Getty Images

Pittsburgh-based conglomerate Matthews International Corp. has picked San Antonio as the North American headquarters for its Saueressig Engineering business.

Matthews is seeking local incentives to support a $9 million investment on San Antonio’s East Side. Over the course of five years, the new location at 4338 Profit Dr. would create 50 jobs within Germany-based Saueressig Engineering.

Saueressig Engineering designs and makes equipment like lithium-ion battery electrodes and fuel cell plates. The San Antonio site will employ engineers, programmers, and technicians working on products for customers in energy storage, automotive, and other industries. Last year, a German media outlet reported that Tesla had tapped Saueressig Engineering to develop machines for producing battery cells in the U.S. and Europe, including a Tesla factory under construction just east of Austin.

“This is a significant first step for Matthews to invest and grow in the San Antonio region. Working with individuals across the community, we feel that San Antonio offers an environment for our employees to thrive and our business to serve our growing client base,” Greg Babe, chief technology officer at Matthews, says in a March 24 release from the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.

On April 1, the San Antonio City Council is scheduled to consider an incentive package for Matthews’ planned San Antonio expansion. Matthews, which employs about 11,000 people in more than 25 countries, plans to set up its San Antonio operations by late 2021.

In its 2020 budget year, Matthews generated sales of $1.5 billion across three sectors:

  • industrial technology
  • packaging and branding
  • caskets, cemetery memorials, cremation equipment, and related products