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4 new larger-than-life art installations blossom at San Antonio parks

4 new larger-than-life art installations blossom at San Antonio parks

Bloom at Brazos
The mealy blue sage and Indian paintbrush sculptures at Brazos Pocket Park. Photo courtesy of Machina Cinema
Bloom at Farias Park
The new four-nerve daisy and salvia Texana sculptures at Mario Farias Park. Courtesy of Machina Cinema
Bloom at Brazos
Bloom at Farias Park

The last couple years have been no bed of roses. But luckily, amid the throbbing heart of the San Antonio cityscape, it’s a jungle out there, with new botanical-inspired art installations continuing to blossom at area parks.

The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture and its Public Art Division, in partnership with the Parks & Recreation Department, announced the springing forth of two new stunning installations as part of its “Bloom” sculpture series. 

The newest oversized metal blossoms include a four-nerve daisy and salvia Texana located at Mario Farias Park, at 1012 Leal St., and mealy blue sage and Indian paintbrush located at the new Brazos Pocket Park, at 800 Chihuahua St.

The flowers, created by local artist Leticia Huerta, whose many other “Bloom” sculptures are already rooted at several San Antonio parks, are created from metal elements that resemble oversized bicycle parks — a fitting notion considering the artist draws inspiration for the flower sculptures from cyclists and trail enthusiasts, as well as native local wildflowers.

“The Brazos Street Pocket Park and Mario Farias Park are great examples of how we can connect neighbors to our parks and trail system, offering them access to healthy recreational opportunities and beautiful public art,” says Homer Garcia III, director of the Parks & Recreation Department. “The ‘Bloom’ sculptures highlight the wonderful synergy between art, nature, and public spaces. We’re excited to see the series continue to grow.”

Once the “Bloom” project is completed next summer, seven San Antonio parks will sprout 17 different oversized metal flower sculptures.

In addition to the newly planted sculptures at Mario Farias Park and Brazos Pocket Park, the other flower installations can be found at:

  • Eisenhower Park, which features cedar sage, greenthread, and antelope horn milkweed flower sculptures.
  • River Walk Public Art Garden, where lantana and yellow columbine sculptures can be found.
  • McAllister Park, which includes winecup, plains coreopsis, and Mexican hat sculptures.

Additionally, in summer 2022, Salado Creek at Southside Lions Park will blossom with shrubby boneset, pink evening primrose, and Turk’s cap sculptures, and Leon Creek at Tezel Road Facility will sprout wooly ironweed and Engelmann’s daisy sculptures.

“This series showcases what is possible when our community joins together to shape public art throughout our city,” says Krystal Jones, interim executive director of the Department of Arts & Culture, which underwent an extensive engagement process with the local community regarding the public art program.

“Each time you visit a ‘Bloom’ installation,” she continues, “you will be able to observe what flowers San Antonio residents love most in our parks and natural areas. I hope all of San Antonio is proud of these new outdoor landmarks, which are organic to each location and offer an authentic reflection of a place, nature, and this moment in time.”