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Model daughter of wildly wealthy San Antonio family reportedly engaged to pop star

Model daughter of wildly wealthy San Antonio family reportedly engaged

Thomas Henry Family Miami
Thomas, Maya, Thomas J., and Azteca Henry in 2018. No word if Cardi B will be invited to the wedding. Aram Hovsepian Photography

We may still be amid a pandemic and cultural social reckoning, but San Antonio's own Henry family is at least giving us a little glamour to go along with our mandatory face masks. It's been awhile since we checked in with our fab foursome, so long in fact that matriarch Azteca has filed for divorce from Thomas J., personal injury attorney from TV/patriarch. 

If you haven't been following at home, the divorce proceedings have turned into a multimillion-dollar brouhaha, reportedly involving extra-marital affairs, Learjets, and claims that Azteca and Thomas J. were never even married. (What?!) It's enough to make your head spin — and wish Andy Cohen had picked up the family's YouTube series, Hanging with Los Henrys, so we could watch the drama all play out on Bravo. 

Lucky for the Henrys — and for us — daughter Maya offers a shining beacon of light in all this darkness in the form of a glittery, $4 million diamond engagement ring. According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail (and Elle, and E!, and US Weekly, and the San Antonio-Express News...)  the 20-year-old model is engaged to 26-year-old former One Direction star Liam Payne, who outfitted his betrothed with a rock you see from the SpaceX rocket.

"Liam Payne is ready to spend forever with girlfriend Maya Henry!," People magazine optimistically exclaims.

The Daily Mail's photogs caught the couple on August 27 in London, where Henry was spotted dragging her arm down the street under the weight of her new jewelry. A rep later confirmed to multiple outlets that the pair were engaged after dating for about two years. (Payne and Henry were first revealed to be a couple by Page Six in 2018.)

After their impromptu paparazzi shoot, the Daily Mail reports model Maya and the British-born singer dined out at Novikov, an upscale Asian eatery in the city's Mayfair neighborhood. No word on what they ordered, but it was probably expensive.

As for the rest of the Henry clan, Thomas J. is continuing his philanthropic work and ubiquitous advertising campaign while Azteca maintains a relatively low profile, posting mostly family shots on her social media pages. Like his mother, son Thomas has also been pretty quiet.

Guess the days of the Henry clan's multimillion-dollar, celeb-filled bashes are over. At least until the wedding.