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San Antonio's median home price closes in on $350,000 in new report

San Antonio's median home price closes in on $350,000 in new report

San Antonio home for sale
The median price for a San Antonio home is just under $350,000. Courtesy of SABOR

The hot San Antonio housing market witnessed two upward trends last month: A continued rise in home prices, plus more homes on the market.

The San Antonio Board of Realtor's latest market report shows that the metro area price per square foot jumped 20 percent year-over-year, while the median home price increased 24 percent and the average home price grew 18 percent in May 2022 compared to May 2021.

The median home for the San Antonio metro area now sits at $347,530, a jump from its April 2022 all-time high of $338,700. The area's average home price hovers just below the $400,000 mark, at $399,370, up from $395,847 in April.

At the close of the month, "there were 4,621 new listings, 3,295 pending sales, and 6,029 active listings, which is an increase of 37 percent from May 2021," SABOR 2022 chairman Tracie Hasslocher said in a release. 

There was one area where the market dipped (ever so slightly). “In the month of May, sales decreased slightly from a year ago,” Hasslocher said, noting a 2 percent decrease in sales in the area.

This echoed a trend seen statewide. In May 2022, Texas saw a "slight cooling in sales," down 1.1 percent from May 2021.