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San Antonio drive-in theater revs up summer with star-studded movie lineup

San Antonio drive-in theater revs up summer with star-studded lineup

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Honk if you love drive-in movies. Photo courtesy of Rooftop Cinema Club

After a wildly successful opening week, Rooftop Cinema Club is expanding its new drive-in movie series. Beginning July 6-19, the theater will host nightly drive-in movies at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Rooftop Cinema Club is screening two movies a night, every night, on its 52-foot double-sided screen. For a flat rate per vehicle (regardless of numbers of passengers), moviegoers can watch films ranging from new blockbusters like Joker to fan favorites like Selena and cinema classics like Do the Right Thing

Patrons may bring their own concessions or purchase food and drinks from onsite food trucks selling popcorn, candy, and soda. To limit interaction between patrons, orders are placed online and then guests are notified when they're ready to be picked up. Do note, Rooftop Cinema says that all guests must follow local and state safety guidelines, so bring that mask. 

The club is also hosting special $5 Community Screenings, noted below, with proceeds donated to San Antonio Food Bank and Black Lives Matter. The $5 screenings are scheduled for the first movie on Tuesdays and the second movie on Wednesdays.

The summer 2020 schedule is as follows:

  • July 6Spy Kids and Pretty Woman
  • July 7 Night at the Museum (Community Screening) and Selena
  • July 8 — Toy Story 4 and A Nightmare on Elm Street (Community Screening)
  • July 9 The Princess Bride and Do the Right Thing
  • July 10 Jurassic Park and Poetic Justice
  • July 11  Space Jam and My Family / Mi Familia
  • July 12Sing and Joker
  • July 13 — Grease and La La Land
  • July 14 — The Breakfast Club (Community Screening) and Knives Out
  • July 15Up and Casablanca (Community Screening)
  • July 16 — The Sandlot and Guardians of the Galaxy
  • July 17 —The Lion King (2019) and Friday
  • July 18Selena and The Terminator
  • July 19Space Jam and Jurassic Park

Tickets for all screenings are on sale now. With the exception of the Community Screenings, tickets for all other films are $24 per vehicle for Section B and $32 for Section A. Military discounts are also available. 

Since this is summer in San Antonio, and storms tend to pop up out of nowhere, make sure to double-check before heading to the drive-in. Weather updates are made online at 5 pm and can be found here