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San Antonio's 'Friday Night Tykes' score surprise visit from Snoop Dogg

San Antonio's Friday Night Tykes score surprise visit from Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg at Smoke in downtown San Antonio
Snoop congratulated the Outlaws on their December 10 SYFL championship win. LittleBit1125/Instagram

If you ever played Pee Wee sports, you probably remember the post-season pizza party. There were usually a few sad pepperoni pies, two-liter bottles of off-brand Sunkist, and maybe an H-E-B sheet cake. What was not there? A Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum, international rap superstar. Unless you're the San Antonio Outlaws

On Wednesday, December 20, the youth football team (once featured on the adorably named television show Friday Night Tykes) hosted a celebratory dinner at Smoke BBQ Brew Venue. Kids, parents, and coaching staff had just settled down for a long winter's meal, when what to their wondering eyes should appear, but Snoop Dogg the rapper, spreading good cheer. 

Snoop, who famously runs a youth football league in his hometown of Long Beach, California, was in town for a show at The Aztec Theatre, but made time to swing by and congratulate the team on a successful season. A few weeks ago, the Outlaws clenched the Snoop Youth Football League championship in San Jose, California, beating out other youth teams from across the country. 

And lest you think the ganja-loving rapper mistook the restaurant's name for a dispensary, rest assured it was planned. In an interview with the San Antonio Express-News, Smoke's owner, Adrian Martinez, said he reached out to the superstar's manager to arrange the visit. "Talk about a really cool guy," Martinez told the paper. "He was all about the kids."