Just Keep Spinning

San Antonio's best spin studios for the ultimate sweat session

San Antonio's best spin studios for the ultimate sweat session

JoyRide cycling spin studio class
Cycling studios are spinning into San Antonio.  JoyRide Texas at Alon/Facebook

Spin has taken over San Antonio. With new studios opening all the time, hopping on a bike is easier than ever. We’ve dropped into classes all over town — both big-box gyms and small studios — to help you find your ride no matter your geographic location.

But first, a few things that might be helpful: You don’t have to have the shoes. Tennis shoes are fine, however, once you’ve been going for a while you’ll want them. 

You get used to the seat very quickly. The first ride can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s just not that bad. And yes, you need water. Don’t worry about all of that sweat; they provide the towels. 

We haven’t found any beginner classes, but each class we took catered to first-time riders. Most promote going at your own pace, although you do get better very quickly. You also don’t have to worry about setting up your bike the first time, they do that too (it's best to arrive early if you're a first-time rider). 

Now that you’re prepped and ready, get yourself to a studio and get to spinning. 

Bella Women's Fitness
Sorry gents, the ladies rule at this one. A 50-minute heart pumping class is followed by a full 10-minute cool down and stretch so you achieve all the endurance, cardio, and recovery you need. 

Cycle Hub
For the seriously competitive rider. You can utilize technology to spur you on as you compete against yourself and others. The most high-tech of them all, each bike is equipped to tell you real-time results of how you're riding. Add amazing beats and motivational instructors and you get a spinning good time for 45 minutes.

JoyRide has two studios in San Antonio, one on Broadway and another at Alon. Beat-based in nature and mostly in the dark, instructors guide you though a 50-minute class with free weights at the end for arms and a relaxing cool down and stretch. Their main concern? That you experience a joyful ride that is all yours.

Located in Stone Oak, they have spin shoes for each rider that attends class (you can also bring your own). They stick to the Revolution method, with core principles of passion, integrity, and hard work. Music is used to motivate and inspire you during the 45-minute class.

More options:

The Gold’s Gym GGX class is one hour and focuses on speed work, intervals, and amazing upper arm work throughout. Great playlists with great instructors result in a high-energy class. 

LA Fitness has four bright and shiny locations for your spinning delight. With a lot of terrain challenges and speed work, this 55-minute workout is pumping out great legs. 

At Life Time Fitness, Evolution Cycle is their practice, and it is fast-paced with great music and routines. Instructors are well-versed in maintaining form and giving riders cycling tips. Class is a heart-pounding hour, and it's completely worth it. Bonus: Life Time has a healthy eats cafe.

YMCA has many locations around town, and their spin classes are a mix of endurance and cardiovascular work. Bring your own towel and water for this one.