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San Antonio declared America's friendliest city by travel authority

San Antonio declared America's friendliest city by travel authority

Fiesta Flambeau
San Antonio wants to welcome you with open arms. Photo courtesy of Fiesta San Antonio Commission/Betsy Newman Photography

Out of more than 400 U.S. cities and towns, San Antonio is the friendliest. This is according to Travel + Leisure readers, who ranked the destinations on 70 different features for this year's America's Favorite Places survey.

Unsurprisingly, the South ran away with the top 20 in terms of friendly folks. Other common factors for the top scorers include warm weather, walkability, and affordability, so San Antonio seems an obvious choice.

“San Antonio is truly a big city with small town vibes,” says Samantha Rivera, who runs furniture store Nadeau. “Perhaps it's just all of the amazing tacos we get to bond over, but at the end of day it's easy to make new friends in this town.”

Texas doesn't stop there, as Houston comes in second and Fort Worth No. 7.

But the famous Texas twang isn't wishing partners a booming "howdy" everywhere. Dallas takes the No. 8 spot for rudest cities in America.

Visitors did dig Big D's bars and barbecue, but maybe they just didn't know what to expect from a trip to Dallas. After all, the magazine says, "you won’t find longhorns or oil rigs in this truly modern metropolis."


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