Flying Solo

Not too many San Antonio millennials live alone, says new report

Not too many San Antonio millennials live alone, says new report

Leaseful interior shot
Not too many young people are living alone. Photo courtesy of Leaseful

San Antonio is becoming more and more attractive to millennials, but are they getting the independence they crave? 

Not really, according to a report by Zillow. The real estate website recently analyzed which metro areas have the largest concentrations of millennials living alone, and Alamo City isn't one of them.

Only 10.7 percent of San Antonio millennials live solo, compared to an astounding 25 percent who live with their parents. But those who do are in pretty good financial shape. They have a median salary of $48,000 and can afford 28 percent of available homes.

The story is different in Austin, which has one of the highest percentages of millennials living alone, 13.4 percent, but it's a stretch. Millennials flying solo in Austin have a median salary of $40,000 and can afford only 1.5 percent of available homes. Compare that to Oklahoma City, where the 13.3 percent of millennials live alone and can afford more than 20 percent of homes.

Where is the highest concentration of independent young people? Richmond, Virginia (15 percent); Pittsburgh (14.3 percent); and Buffalo, New York (14.2 percent) round out the top three. The rest of Texas is on par with San Antonio. Twelve percent of Dallas-Fort Worth millennials live alone; in Houston, the figure is 10.6 percent. 


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