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Sustainable flower delivery startup now blooming across San Antonio

Sustainable flower delivery startup now blooming across San Antonio

Friendly Flower bouquet
Friendly Flower is expanding into San Antonio. Friendly Flower/Facebook

A beautiful new flower delivery service is blooming in San Antonio. Friendly Flower, a Texas-based startup launched in 2019, is now delivering farm-fresh, sustainably grown bouquets throughout the Alamo City. 

The company offers environmentally sourced flowers from area farms, available via standard one-off orders or through bi-weekly or monthly subscriptions. Each bouquet is composed of seasonal blooms and brought directly to your door with free delivery. 

Friendly Flower also keeps its website updated with what's currently blooming so buyers are able to see what will be in the bouquet. (Right now, bluebonnets, butterfly ranunculus, snapdragons, and blue iris are just a few of the available options.)

Pricing begins at $34.95 for an individual bouquet, while subscription services begin at $26.46 for monthly deliveries and $23.76 for bi-weekly blooms. Simply purchase your package online, tell the company where it's going, and let them handle the rest.

For its newest city, the company doesn't appear to have set delivery boundaries yet, but it does say that if it's not within the service area, it will refund your money. In keeping with COVID-19 precautions, bouquets are also provided via contact-less delivery.

"We're excited and genuinely happy to launch our local, sustainable delivery service in San Antonio," said founder Archit Batlaw in a release. "When you don't have time to spare, or you can't go and share your affection face to face — Friendly Flower is there to help you spread joy, appreciation, and gratitude with the ones that matter most in your life."

Batlaw launched Friendly Flower in Austin after learning about "abhorrent, unsustainable, and non-environmentally conscious practices within the floral industry." Rather than using flowers shipped from other places, the company is committed to using only local farmers for its plants.

As part of the business model, the company says every dollar earned is either invested back into the business or donated to area nonprofits.