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Where should you live out the best years of your life? Texas, of course

Where should you live out the best years of your life? In Texas

Texas flag flying closeup
Texas makes the top 10 for retirees. Photo courtesy of

Some states come immediately to mind when thinking of retirees, and it turns out Texas should be one of them. According to a study done by personal finance website WalletHub, Texas is the No. 7 most retirement-friendly state in the nation.

Ranking all 50 states plus the District of Columbia on criteria such as affordability, quality of life, and healthcare, the Lone Star State landed in the top 10. Overall, we excel at things such as the number of museums and theaters per capita, adjusted cost of living, and annual cost of in-home services.

Where Texas doesn't do so great is with WalletHub's taxpayer ranking and life expectancy. Seems like that last one is kind of important.

Florida, predictably, comes in first overall in the study, followed by Wyoming, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Colorado. Popular snowbird state Arizona doesn't show up until No. 11.

The worst places to retire include Hawaii and D.C.; Rhode Island comes in dead last.


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