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Get a killer workout in San Antonio with these top fitness suggestions

Get a killer workout in San Antonio with these top fitness suggestions

JoyRide Cycling Studio indoor bike cycle instructor 2015
Try JoyRide for a motivating group workout environment. JoyRide Cycling Studio/Facebook

It's that time where we collectively start thinking about goals for the emergent new year. Exercising and improving our health are always top of mind, and gyms start to overflow with good intention.

We've been working out in preparation for you to take advantage of our research, and hopefully hang on for longer than just January. Lock down your goals for good with this handy guide to getting your sweat on in San Antonio. Good luck, and may you all achieve the best version of yourselves — whether that involves a workout or not.

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts
No wonder it has an acronym: HIIT can be done at the gym or in your living room with a live feed off YouTube. The purpose is to alternate high intensity with moderate intensity levels. An example of a workout: one round of burpees, sit-throughs, grasshoppers, and mountain climbers in sets of 10. Take a 90-second break, then start over. Need guidance? Find it at one of the 15 San Antonio-area Gold's Gyms.

Cycling is our favorite group workout. JoyRide Cycling Studio has two locations where you can spin your face off. If you're short on time, you're in luck: JoyRide offers amazing 50-minute classes where you spin in the dark. There are also themed rides galore — think Beyonce vs. Jay Z. Check out Leah's classes, because she never fails to motivate and nails it every single time.

We all think of ourselves as graceful and slender ballerinas, and a barre class will help you achieve it to some degree. Elongating and strengthening work are at play as pliés, weight work, and mats make for toned legs and a strong core with a combination of yoga, Pilates, and ballet techniques. Try Smart Barre at one of its three San Antonio locations.

Core Physique offers a more intense form of Pilates. This local studio promises strength building and toning without straining a thing, although it's quite a workout with the integration of Pilates, strength work, and some cardio. Core Physique focuses on full-body conditioning — we definitely felt a little reformed after the class.

Fitness apps worth the download:

  • Radius brings you personalized programs with celebrity trainers. If you've always dreamed of burning it up with the trainer your fave celebrity uses, this is the app for you. 

  • The Daily Burn gives you community support with hundreds of nutrition and workout programs, with the bonus of celebrity trainers as well.

  • Couch to 5K is an oldie but a goodie, helping you determine what your week looks like and showing you how your commitment to fitness will help you finish that race with your friends. 

  • My Fitness Pal reminds you to take that extra walk while also analyzing your food for the day.

  • Burn This gives you motivational quotes and integrates both Pinterest and Instagram into your workout.


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