Photo courtesy of Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio

The mission of Texas Public Radio (TPR) is to produce and distribute of non-commercial informational, educational, cultural, and entertainment content for the people of Texas. TPR adheres to the highest standards of responsible journalism; its core values are to contribute to the appreciation of artistic expression, to respect diverse points of view, and to facilitate civil and constructive discourse.

As a nonprofit, Texas Public Radio relies on its volunteer corps to help meet station goals, staff various events, and assist with general office work. TPR seeks dedicated individuals who share the passion for public radio and community service. If you are interested in becoming part of TPR's volunteer corps, head here.

Becoming a TPR member allows you to support radio that matters and comes with benefits including thank you gifts, invitations to member-only events, and member prices to special events such as Cinema Tuesdays and Views & Brews.

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