Photo courtesy of Second Chance Cavy Rescue
Second Chance Cavy Rescue

This one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization is dedicated to the rescue, adoption, education, and rehabilitation of abandoned and surrendered guinea pigs in the South Central Texas region. Second Chance Cavy Rescue is not affiliated with the San Antonio Humane Society; instead, it provides a much-needed service for those small animals that don't fall under the Humane Society umbrella of care.

The rescue is also a sanctuary home to non-adoptable guinea pigs and is a center where current guinea pig owners can be educated on ownership, first aid, nutrition, and baths and nail trims/health checks for their own piggies.

Online donations and gifts through the website and Facebook page are always needed, particularly for pellets, hay, and vet bills. Steady, reliable volunteers are the backbone of this organization. The center is open 10-4 pm on all days except Wednesday and Sundays. Saturdays are adoption days at the center and at local Petsmarts.

Every Saturday, there are adoption events at either the center itself (1354 Basse Rd., suite 6, inside the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Complex), the 281 Bitters Petsmart, or the 1604/Culebra Petsmart.

Guinea pigs are adopted out in matched, same-sex pairs for $50, with approval of an acceptable habitat.

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