Southwest School of Art presents Chris Engman: "Prospect and Refuge" opening reception

Southwest School of Art presents Chris Engman | "Prospect and Refuge" opening reception
Photo by Chris Engman

In his photographic works, Chris Engman examines the most fundamental of issues related to the human condition: the inexplicable fact of our existence, the ungraspable experience of time, and the illusive and unknowable nature of reality. In so doing, he calls attention to the gulf that exists between how we see and how we think we see; how we think and how we think we think; and the inconstant and constructed nature of memory. Engman’s photographs are documentations of the artist’s sculptures, interventions, and installations but they are also records of actions and elaborate processes.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through November 12.

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9.14.17 | 5:30 pm


300 Augusta St.
San Antonio, TX 78205


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Admission is free.