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Travel authority names Texas swimming hole one of the best in America

Travel authority names Texas swimming hole one of the best in America

McKinney Falls State Park water swimming
McKinney Falls is one of the top swimming spots in the U.S. Photo courtesy of Friends of McKinney Falls State Park

When temperatures start rising, where should you go to cool off? McKinney Falls State Park, says Travel Channel, which recently named the Central Texas gem among the top 10 swimming holes in the U.S.

The declaration is part of a new show called Top Secret Swimming Holes, which airs Sundays at 9 pm and covers incredible spots across the globe. Others on the U.S. top 10 list range from Opal Pool in Oregon down to Ginnie Springs in Florida.

It's easy to see how the network fell in love with the state park in Southeast Austin. In addition to swimming, this 700-acre park is also a major hiking and camping destination filled with historical relics.

"McKinney Falls State Park houses 8 miles of trails and one that leads to an incredible waterfall with a prehistoric past. An 8-foot-tall, rain-fed waterfall carved out of limestone cascades into a calm swimming hole underneath," Travel Channel reports.

In need of a dip? McKinney Falls State Park is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm. Entry for the day is $6 per person and $20 to reserve a campsite.


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