Twist 'n' shout

DJ-inspired yoga studio spins into San Antonio's Medical Center district

DJ-inspired yoga studio spins into San Antonio's Medical Center

House of rhythom yoga san antonio
House of RhythOM is now open. Houseofrhythom/Instagran

The beat drops just as you chaturanga into downward facing dog. You recognize the feeling of sweat slowly dripping off your body but everything else is different. 

The music is bumpin’ — you feel powerful. 
Candles dimly light the room — you feel centered. 
The space is heated by infrared heat — you feel invigorated. 

Enter, the House of RhythOM, now open at 7302 Louis Pasteur Dr. #105.

The first of its kind in San Antonio, House of RhythOM opens Friday, December 13, and is a DJ-curated yoga studio with candlelit flows that will take you on a journey through movement, rhythm, and breath. 

Veteran-owned and operated, Kelly and Orlando Morales felt inspired to open their yoga studio after taking a class in New York City during a trip to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. “We go on ‘yoga dates’ all the time,” says Kelly. “But when we walked out of this one studio our minds were totally blown. It was amazing, invigorating, powerful — it was fun.”  

What makes House of RhythOM unique is both the dimly lit room and lack of mirrors, which helps yogis turn inward. When you feel like you’ve reached your limit on a pose, the warmth of the room (optimal temp is 90 degrees) helps you go deeper and further. When your body wants to quit, you can lose yourself in the music and push through. 

“You can expect everything from house to hip-hop. The music that comes out is an extension of the instructor,” says Orlando, who is also a DJ. “You can do just about anything with any style of music, as long as it’s true to them and they feel it in their heart.”

There are four 60-minute classes to choose from and all the instructors use the music-driven vibe of the studio to decide which music goes with their flow. Classes are designed for everyone, whether you’re new to yoga and not flexible or a daily yogi looking to expand your practice.

Prenatal: A class you would definitely expect here as Kelly, or Dr. Morales as her patients know her, is a popular OBGYN in San Antonio. This class helps expectant mamas prepare their bodies for childbirth, maintain conditioning during pregnancy, and relax.
Best for: Women in all stages of pregnancy. 

RhythOM & Flow: Vinyasa flow that focuses on synching your movements with each breath in a seamless flow.
Best for: All levels

OM Power: More of a Hatha style mixed with a little bit of cardio. It’s a tough class, but rewarding.
Best for: Those looking to move at a faster pace.  

Slow Vibes: Candlelit slow flow, another Vinyasa, but you hold the poses longer and at a slower pace.
Best for: Those looking to wind down and release tension from the day.  

The first class is free and $20 a class after. House of RhythOM also offers an unlimited membership of $85 per month with discounts for students, military, and Methodist employees. Due to their location in the Medical Center, they plan to have early morning and late-night classes, as well as classes throughout the day.