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Cooking Channel spotlights outrageous San Antonio-area food festivals

Cooking Channel spotlights outrageous San Antonio-area food festivals

Cooking Channel Wurstburger
The Wurstburger is one of the outrageous dishes featured on Carnival Eats. Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel

In South Texas, the calorie bombs served at community festivals and county fairs have become as much of an attraction as the hair-raising roller coasters. So it’s no wonder the Cooking Channel’s Carnival Eats would want to come along for the ride.

Now in its seventh season, the series takes its host — Bachelorette Canada presenter Noah Cappe — on a journey through “today's modern gastronomic freak show” at carnivals throughout the world. According to a Cooking Channel representative, two episodes airing in June will shine the spotlight on the San Antonio area.

First up is New Braunfel’s Wurstfest, a Texas tradition since 1961. The annual Oktoberfest celebration has grown to honor all aspects of German culture, but it started as a way for founder Ed Grist, then the city’s meat inspector, to pay homage to the humble sausage.

In the episode airing at 8 pm on June 23, Cappe sinks his teeth into a giant Wurstburger before risking a brain freeze with a rich Black Forest float.

At 8 pm on June 30, Carnival Eats returns to the area in an episode catchily titled “Gordita, Pray, Love.” Cappe heads to San Marcos for the town’s sparkling Sights and Sounds of Christmas.

Skipping holiday favorites like fruitcake and hot chocolate, Cobbe dives into a messy Porco Loco Gordita before sampling something called a Sugar Rush, which the Cooking Channel describes as a “fried masterpiece.” San Marcos dentists surely welcome the seasonal uptick in business.

While this is the first time either festival has been featured, Carnival Eats frequently travels to the Lone Star State. The sixth season featured two segments filmed at Rodeo Austin, plus a jaunt through the Texas Renaissance Festival.