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The 9 most exciting startups in San Antonio right now

The 9 most exciting startups in San Antonio right now

Merge VR Headset San Antonio Startup April 2016
The Merge VR headset is an affordable virtual reality alternative that combines comfort and durability. Photo courtesy of Merge VR
VentureLab San Antonio Startup April 2016 - Corrected
VentureLab is inspiring San Antonio's next generation of startups and entrepreneurs. VentureLab/Facebook
Merge VR Headset San Antonio Startup April 2016
VentureLab San Antonio Startup April 2016 - Corrected

Although unfair comparisons to Austin's nearby tech hub seem unavoidable, San Antonio has established itself as a unique community of vibrant tech startups and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the most exciting companies from our very own slice of Silicon Valley.

Bluegrass Vascular Technologies
Bluegrass Vascular Technologies is a medical device developer that is tackling shortcomings in central venous access procedures. Just last month, one of the company's premier lifesaving devices was successfully used for the first time in an emergency situation. With more favorable trials like this to come, it won't be long before Bluegrass Vascular Technologies becomes a standard in saving lives across the globe.

Boldbrush founder Clint Watson's dual interests in art and computer programming inspired him to develop FASO (Fine Arts Studio Online), Boldbrush's trademark product. FASO is a unique platform that doubles as an art-centric social network and tool where artists can both create websites to showcase their work and easily connect with other artists and potential buyers.

As San Antonio's tech community grew, businesses were initially met with an unexpected obstacle — there just wasn't enough local tech talent to meet hiring demands. Codeup, the city's own programming "boot camp," seeks to solve that problem by training a community of software developers to grow the businesses of local entrepreneurs and programmers. By increasing the number of employable candidates in the Alamo City, co-founders Michael Girdley, Jason Straughan, and Chris Turner hope to make some positive changes within their community.

Founded in 2012 by four MIT students, Filestack has matured into a complete infrastructure for web developers to manage and upload digital files. If that means nothing to you, you probably don't need it. But many companies do need these services, and few do it better than the team at Filestack.

Merge Virtual Reality
Futuristic virtual reality has finally arrived, although the necessary headsets can oftentimes carry a hefty price tag. Merge VR is here to solve that problem with its own headset that brings affordability, durability, and comfort to the virtual reality experience — just look for the trademark purple foam. The product, which connects with a smartphone, was originally conceived using sliced-up yoga mats and has even proved indestructible when dropped from three stories off Merge's building.

What started as a small ticket brokerage in a local basement has evolved into a full-fledged ticket marketplace that has reached millions of dollars in sales. SeatSmart's close relationship with professional ticket sellers means cheaper tickets to the hottest concerts and sporting events. Customers can avoid pesky shipping fees and service charges that plague platforms like StubHub, just in time for the NBA playoffs (Va Spurs!).

Seno Medical Instruments
The minds at Seno Medical Instruments are developing new ways to help make cancer history. The company's current claim to fame is its opto-acoustic imaging, which uses light and sound to detect signs of cancer in early stages of development with no discomfort to the patient. The future is bright for Seno Medical Instruments as it continues to expand the application of its technology to fight other types of cancer.

Founded by Trinity University professor Dr. Cristal Glangchai in 2013 as an "innovation and entrepreneurship academy," VentureLab aims to provide enthusiastic young minds with entrepreneurial education for the future. Glanchai's programs seek to empower learners with the value of their own potential and focus on skills ranging from creativity and the arts to engineering and robotics. In doing so, VentureLab hopes to further develop the community and inspire industry leaders of tomorrow.

Aptly named WellAware is a data company rising to meet the challenging realities of today's oil and gas industry. Using platforms specially designed for the industry's different segments, WellAware seeks to streamline industry efficiency, reduce costs, and increase client visibility.


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