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“Lightscape,” makes its Texas debut at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Courtesy of San Antonio Botanical Gardens
Anthony C. Edwards stained glass
Artist Anthony C. Edwards works, including stained-glass pieces like this one, are on display at The Carver. Anthony C. Edwards/Facebook
Bleached Reef by Margaret Craig
Margaret Craig’s "Bleached Reef" exhibition is at Palo Alto College – Gallery 100. Courtesy of Margaret Craig
Wayne Thiebaud's Boston Cremes
Wayne Thiebaud's Boston Cremes, part of the McNay's exhibition. McNay Art Museum/Instagram
Shana Hoehn's Moth emerges from Lady-jet cocoon
Shana Hoehn's Moth emerges from Lady-jet cocoon. Her work is part of Artpace's artist-in-residence exhibition. Shana Hoehn/Instagram
Secret World Inside You
Learn about the human microbiome at the Witte's “The Secret World Inside You” exhibit. Witte Museum/Instagram