Tacos El Regio

tastemaker nominee

This ragtag taco truck, parked outside the recently rebranded Hardbodies, knows its audience. It doesn’t woo with fancy ingredients or attempt any sort of nuance. What it does deliver is the char of al pastor, the sting of limes, and the pow of salsa verde —  everything that’s needed to cut through the fog of a night drinking on the St. Mary’s strip. One warning: lines can develop quickly. Arrive before last call to ensure a shorter wait.


Tacos El Regio
2726 N St Marys St.
San Antonio, TX 78212


Sun: 10:30 pm-3:30 am
Mon: 10:30 pm-3:30 am
Tue: 10:30 pm-3:30 am
Wed: 10:30 pm-3:30 am
Thu: 10:30 pm-3:30 am
Fri: 10:30 pm-3:30 am
Sat: 10:30 pm-3:30 am

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