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New shop brings cookie dough craze to San Antonio

New shop brings cookie dough craze to San Antonio

Scooped Cookie Dough Bar SA
We can't wait to try the limoncello flavor at Scooped Cookie Dough Bar. Photo courtesy of Scooped/Facebook

It’s a fact well-known by scientists, moms, and aging cartoon heroines alike: Cookie dough is the cure for everything from broken hearts to everyday ennui. With that in mind, taking the day off so you can be first in line at the grand opening of Scooped Cookie Dough Bar at North Star Mall Friday, October 27, could be considered a medical necessity.

The new shop from owner (and former food blogger) Matt Weber is the first of its kind in San Antonio, but the concept has been well-tested from New York to Los Angeles. That’s not to say that Scooped won’t be putting its own spin on the dorm room classic. In addition to favorites like chocolate chip, vanilla cake batter, and oatmeal raisin, the shop offers a few Texas twists like Mexican hot chocolate with a touch of cayenne pepper, and a flavor adapted from the recipe first lady Laura Bush winningly submitted to Parade magazine’s annual election Cookie Poll. (Politics aside, Tipper Gore’s ginger snaps were never going to win that one.)

The cookie dough can be ordered as scoops with a variety of toppings or as an ice cream sandwich. Vegan and gluten-free options are available, as well as seasonal offerings. And just in case you are having a cookie d’oh! and think eating the raw stuff is risky, rest assured that all safety measures have been followed. 

The grand opening festivities for Scooped begin at 10 am on Friday. Just this once, it’s totally acceptable to wear elastic waist pants.