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World's tallest Ferris wheel may be rolling into San Antonio

World's tallest Ferris wheel may be rolling into San Antonio

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The secret San Antonio Ferris wheel would clock in at 900 feet.  iStock

For the past two days, the news cycle has been spinning: Could San Antonio be getting the world's tallest Ferris wheel? While details are scarce, the San Antonio Express News is reporting that the Federal Aviation Administration received a request for an official aeronautical study to construct a 900-foot Ferris wheel south of downtown San Antonio. If approved (and true) the new structure would be — ahem — revolutionary for the city.

Though the request was anonymous, the FAA did confirm that the ask came from a developer, and was submitted in early October. The property where the supposed wheel would be located is on land currently owned by CPS Energy. Though CPS did attempt to sell the land earlier this year, it has since removed the property from the market, and says it does not know who made the request.

Currently, the world's tallest Ferris wheel is Las Vegas' Holy Roller, which clocks in at an impressive 550 feet. The London Eye, arguably the most iconic wheel since Coney Island's Wonder Wheel, soars to a max height of 443 feet. (By comparison, the Wonder Wheel is a rather paltry 150 feet.)

When approached for comment by the Express News, it seems that no one in the city of San Antonio — including city and neighborhood leaders — know anything about the giant Ferris wheel. Just how this mystery rolls out remains to be seen. In the meantime, we'll enjoy this carnival of speculation. 

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