Here Come the Scooters

Buzzy electric scooter company breezes into San Antonio

Buzzy electric scooter company breezes into San Antonio

Lime-S scooter bike
Lime-S scooters are rolling into Alamo City. Photo courtesy of Lime

San Antonians are no longer green with envy — Lime, an app-based mobility company, will roll out a fleet of electric scooters in Alamo City beginning on July 27. The dockless scooters are already available in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano.  

For San Antonio's initial phase, Lime will drop about 200 of the company's new Lime-S electric scooters around the city, and then adjust the locations and numbers depending on demand. 

To begin, the scooters will be placed in the Pearl, Southtown, and downtown San Antonio neighborhoods. Each individual bike includes a GPS device to help riders find its location. Once located, users download the Lime app directly to their smartphone to sign up.

Pricing for the bikes includes the $1 fee to unlock it, and $0.15 for every one minute of riding after that. At the final destination, the user ends the ride, and responsibly parks the scooter either on the street or in a bike rack.

Electric scooters have been met with mixed reactions since gaining in popularity across the U.S. over the past year. To mitigate potential backlash, Lime has partnered with city leaders to ensure the roll out in San Antonio is as smooth as possible. 

"We’ve been working with the City of San Antonio to ensure that Lime is a great partner for its citizens and visitors," said Sam Sadle, Lime's director of government relations and strategic development, in a release. "With the launch of Lime-S, we are providing affordable, space-efficient, and environmentally friendly mobility options.”

Lime also collects the scooters each evening to recharge the batteries before placing them back into the community the next morning. The goal is to provide additional transportation options for area residents, especially when used in conjunction with public transit options.

“Mobility matters for every resident in San Antonio," said San Antonio Councilmember Greg Brockhouse. "Lime is offering a product to close the mobility gap and offer travel options for residents."