Doctors Without Borders presents "Forced From Home"

"Forced From Home" opening reception
Photo by Elias Williams

"Forced From Home" is an interactive exhibition presented by Doctors Without Borders that takes visitors behind the headlines of the global refugee crisis. Guided by experienced Doctors Without Borders aid workers, visitors travel through an immersive exhibition featuring a virtual reality (VR) experience, a 360-degree video dome, and interactive activities designed to convey the challenges facing the more than 68.5 million people currently forced from their homes.

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11.11.18 | 10:00 am
11.10.18 | 10:00 am
11.9.18 | 9:00 am
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11.8.18 | 9:00 am
11.7.18 | 9:00 am
11.6.18 | 9:00 am
11.5.18 | 9:00 am
11.4.18 | 10:00 am


Western Lot
326 Main Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78205


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Admission is free.