Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed

VStar Entertainment presents Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed
Photo courtesy of VStar Entertainment

Discover the Dinosaurs "Unleashed" is a family-friendly, educational walk-through exhibit featuring several prehistoric attractions. There will be more than 20 life-like dinosaurs and tons of great activities to keep families and kids entertained. Kids can be a Jr. Paleontologist for a day and complete a scavenger hunt, ride a dinosaur, get involved with Cretaceous Crafts, adventure through "Valley of the Bones" where they can participate in fossil panning and dig for bones in the "Dino Dig." Kids can also take a spin in the Jurassic Jeeps on our Dino-themed raceway, mini golf, and meet a T-Rex and a baby dinosaur.

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8.14.17 | 9:00 am
8.13.17 | 9:00 am
8.12.17 | 2:00 pm


3201 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX 78219

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