Blue Star Contemporary presents "Fünf" opening reception

Berlin Residency Artists: "Titled Fünf" opening reception
Photo courtesy of Blue Star Contemporary

"Fünf" highlights the fifth year of Blue Star Contemporary’s Berlin Residency program and will feature artworks from 2017-2018 artists Amada Miller, Andrei Renteria, Ethel Shipton, and Jared Theis.

Shipton’s work highlights the idiosyncrasies of a place as observation of the traces of others, seen and heard when we listen and look closely. Theis’ environmental installations will feature the debut of a two-part tragic love story, The Seasons and Vissi d’Arte. The exhibition will also feature his 2018 works "Lolita in the Grass and What Night Tells Me."

Andrei Renteria’s large scale drawings discuss human rights injustices, often illuminating accounts along the U.S./Mexico border. The region is personal and political and following his time in Berlin, Renteria aims to approach the subject symbolically. A series of drawings of funerary wreaths and sculptures depict subversive methods of violence and intimidation sent to victims messaging their fate.

Miller’s installation will feature 55 glass bells with iron casted meteorite clappers. The artist takes inspiration from the Apollo 12 mission and its astronauts describing the moon ringing like a bell for 55 minutes after crash landing a module on the lunar surface.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through September 8.

Event Details


6.7.19 | 6:00 pm


Blue Star Contemporary
116 Blue Star
San Antonio, TX 78204